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Cauliflower Twister F1 Hybrid [54710]

Cauliflower Twister F1 Hybrid

Brassica oleracea var Botrytis

Twister is here, no more snapping your cauliflower leaves for protection of the lovely, white crisp heads.



Twister forms a natural twisted leaf wrapper to protect the snowy-white curds from sun and rain discolouring. Well adapted to most areas of NZ. Like all cauliflowers Twister prefers the cooler months of Autumn, Winter and Spring. Matures in just 75 to 90 days from transplanting.

Annual or Perennial  Annual
Approx days to flower/harvest 70-90 days
Height 45cm
Space between plants  50cm
When to sow Spring, Autumn, Winter
Seeds per packet Approx 40