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Capsicum Candy Cane F1 Hybrid [53715]

Capsicum Candy Cane F1 Hybrid

Capsicum annuum

We only have a finite amount of vegetables - right? Well I guess so, and probably that is why breeders continue to breed for something different and exciting, not only for taste but for a unique look within a variety.



Capsicum Candy Cane is an interesting Sweet Pepper that has eye-catching variegated foliage, along with fruit that ripen from green striped to solid red. Its thin walls have a crispy texture and sweet flavour and are perfect for fresh eating at any stage of ripeness. Candy Cane is a medium snack pepper growing to approximately 9-10cm in length and 3-4cm across. This medium sized plant can be grown in the garden and containers - a perfect candidate for our new Pot Plant Cage containers.

Annual or Perennial  Annual
Approx days to flower/harvest 120
Height 40cm
Space between plants  50cm
When to sow Spring, Summer
Seeds per packet Approx 5