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Lettuce Drunken Woman (Pellets) [57550]

Lettuce Drunken Woman (Pellets)

Lactuca sativa

Pelleted Seed

An old Heirloom variety Drunken Woman has ruffled green leaves with bronzed edges. These seeds have been ThermoCure Primed, this process assists germination at temperatures of up to 10°C higher than raw seed.

Currently available in both pelleted and raw seed



The ThermoCure treatment also breaks photodormancy, allowing seed to germinate in both light and dark conditions. Ensure your media is thoroughly wet when first sowing to allow the pellets to fully saturate and breakdown.

Annual or Perennial  Annual
Approx days to flower/harvest 70 days
Space between plants  30cm
When to sow Spring, Summer, Autumn
Pellets per packet Approx 70