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Early Grow 3-Bay Electric Propagator [9315]

Early Grow 3-Bay Electric Propagator

Another goodie for the serious sower! Sturdy, high-quality Early Grow Electric Propagator made in the UK. Start off those early seedlings to get a great head start.

Comes complete with watering tray, capillary mat and 3 individual propagator trays with lids. We recommend you wash and disinfect the trays and lids at the end of each season, then store in your shed, garage or wherever is convenient out of direct sunlight.


The Early Grow Kit contains a heated bottom unit (no thermostat - it is set to a contstant 20 degrees approx); capillary mat and tray for keeping your individual propagator trays watered and 3 individual propagators with holes in the bottom to allow moisture to be both sucked up and trickle out as necessary, along with individual lids. Dimension of the base of the Heated Propagator is 54cm (L) x 21.5cm (W) x 6cm (H) and the individual seed raising propagator dimensions are: 205x175x120mm. Seeds can be planted into punnets and placed into the containers, or sown directly into seed raising mix in the containers.

The tray provided sits inside the unit with the capillary mat on top. The mat is wider than the tray, this is so it can dangle over the side to absorb the water from beneath - the mat should be moist at all times. Place the individual propagators on top of the mat after initially watering the seed raising mix (best to do this by sitting containers or punnets into a tray of water.) Fill the unit with water as per the included instructions, once this is done, there should be sufficient moisture while the seeds germinate.

If you use containers that were not provided with the Early Grow, and particularly if they do not have perforations in the bottom for the water to be absorbed, be sure to water the punnets or seed tray as required and still keep the mat moist underneath these containers.

We suggest when filling the unit with water that you use tepid water to enable the propagator to reach its temperature quickly to begin with.

PLEASE NOTE: The Medium Vented Propagator [Item 9311] no longer fits on the Early Grow unit.

This item has a NZ plug.