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Carrot Purple

Carrot Purple [54235]

Caucus carota

Like many deep coloured vegetables, purple carrots are loaded with antioxidants which are great for repairing and preventing cell damage.


Carrot Senior F1 Hybrid

Carrot Senior F1 Hybrid [54250]

Daucas carota

Look who's back!! Our best carrot. Huge, strong, vigorous roots with excellent "Alternaria" and "Bolting" tolerance. Cylindrical nantcs shape with a slight taper. Early maturing.

Very flexible for a range of soil types and temperatures.


Carrot Yellow

Carrot Yellow [54410]

Daucus carota

Rumour has it that the yellow carrot is The Carrot for pickling! Not sure where the rumour came from or how true it is, but give it a try and let us know what you think.


Cauliflower Clapton F1 Club Root Resistant

Cauliflower Clapton F1 Club Root Resistant [54690]

Brassica oleracea var Botrytis

Clapton F1 Hybrid has a high level of Club Root resistance. In fact it is the first Cauliflower with Club Root Resistance. It has taken over 18 years of conventional breeding to develop a variety that can combat the devastating brassica disease ‘Clubroot’. An adaptable variety suited for harvesting in the cooler months of late autumn, winter & spring.