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Microgreen Sprouting Tray (Fothergills) [9875]

Microgreen Sprouting Tray (Fothergills)

Keep it simple with this perfect Mr Fothergills Growing Tray. No need for soil or potting mix!



Fill the tray with water, pop on some tissue and sprinkle your seeds. How easy is that! To begin with you will need to keep spraying your seeds with a fine mist a few times throughout the day until they germinate and send their roots down into the water. Covering the top of the tray with foil or cling wrap between watering will help to reduce evaporation.

In approximately 7-14 days you can snip along the tray and harvest the delicious, nutritious micro-greens. These are best consumed immediately for maximum flavour and nutritional value. Dimensions: 15 x 27cm.