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Jiffy 7 Pellets

Jiffy 7 Pellets [9200]

Jiffy-7 Pellets are a consistent seed starting medium that are optimized for propagation and root development.

Price per pellet for 50 pellet bag is 24c each (50 = $12.00)
250 pellet bag rate is 22c each(250 = $55.00)
1000 pellet bag rate is 18c each (1000 = $180.00)

$0.24 NOTE: Purchase in multiples of 50

Large Green Propagator Base

Large Green Propagator Base [9328]

This base is the same size as the bottom half of the Vented Large Propagator. It can be used in conjunction with the Large Propagator Height Extender Set, to adapt your "Cloche" into a portable Vented Large Propagator (lids sold separately.) Or it can be used as a replacement tray for the Vented Large Propagator.

Dimenions (580mm x 240mm)


Large Propagator Height Extender Kit

Large Propagator Height Extender Kit [9325]

This ingenious product extends the height capacity of the Vented Large Propagator. This is a brilliant idea, often we have wanted to keep our plants in the large propagator a bit longer, but needed to take them out to prevent them becoming misshapen as they reached the top of lid. No more worrying about starting off the plants too early and not being able to keep them warm if the weather suddenly decides that winter hasn't finished yet. These reasons alone give this product the big thumbs up.

Highly Recommended