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Chicken Foraging Mix [58740]

Chicken Foraging Mix

Miscellaneous Species

NEW 2024

Those of you that keep chooks can testify to the fact that they have great personalities. Most people treat them as part of the family and want to keep them happy. We've put together a variety of greens that will provide beneficial nutrients for them. This pack can be sown almost all year, giving the chooks a great selection of plants to scratch happily around in.



Seeds should be scattered thinly in areas where they forage - ideally you would fence off a couple of different areas, so that while one is growing the other can be grazed upon. Allow approx 2-3g seed per m² - you can mix this with sand, fine soil or vermiculite to help spread it evenly. Keep the chickens off the area until plants are well established and have reached a height of approx 8 - 10cm. After initial grazing move the chickens to the next area, allowing the plants to reshoot. 50g should cover an area of approx 17 - 25 m²

Annual or Perennial  Annual
Approx days to flower/harvest 7-14 days
When to sow Indoors - All Year Round
Weight per packet Approx 50 grams