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Medium Propagator Height Extender [9332]

Medium Propagator Height Extender

This ingenious product extends the height capacity of the Medium Vented Propagator. Great if you want to keep your plants in the propagator a bit longer, the Extender creates more height, preventing your seedlings becoming misshapen by reaching the top of the propagator lid. No more worrying about starting off the plants too early and not being able to keep them warm if the weather suddenly decides that winter hasn't finished yet. These reasons alone give this product the big thumbs up.

We recommend you wash and disinfect the containers at the end of each season, then store in your shed, garage or wherever is convenient out of direct sunlight.

Highly Recommended



You have the choice of whether to use the Extender Set to increase the height on your medium vented propagator or as a Cloche outside in the garden. These Extender Sets come as a kit: the four sides, screws and a wee plastic screwdriver tool to assist with the build. There is no base, once made up the extender fits between the base and lid of the Vented Medium Propagator or when used as a cloche, sits around the plants in the garden. When growing vigorous plants such as pumpkin or cucumber early, it may be prudent to have a second Extender Set on hand just in case there is a cold snap or rogue frost. If your plant has already outgrown the first level cloche and there is threat of cold weather, strong wings or anything that may damage your plant, simply put your first cloche around the plant and build the second set and sit it upon the first, add the lid and you won't be re-sowing your plants because they were frozen or pelted to death with hail stones! Smart move. Great safe and durable products that you will appreciate in no time at all. As with all of these quality propagation products, it is advisable to wash them in warm, soapy water and disinfect them at the end of each season, dismantle (if applicable) then store neatly to avoid warping in your shed or garage. When well-cared for these propagation items will continue to serve you from season to season.

Made Up Dimensions 375mm x 240mm x 100mm