Use the seeds the professionals use


Marker Pen Fine Nib

Marker Pen Fine Nib [9070]

Sharpie Non Fading Marker Pen. Although it must be said even though the manufacturers clam they are non fading, care must be taken when marking labels for an extended period of time. Still these sharpie pens are better than most.

Excellent for writing on your plant labels.


Mini High-Top Propagator

Mini High-Top Propagator [9305]

These cute little beauties will fit nicely on your windowsill, so if you are just wanting to start off a few seeds from time to time as required, then grab a couple of these. Simply wash out and use time and time again, think about how much space you are saving in the Landfill by re-using these containers instead of using throw away punnets. .

Dimensions (160mm x 100mm x 120mm) Recommended


Petepot - 12-Cell Petepot

Petepot - 12-Cell Petepot [9110]

Minimum Quantity = 10

Petepots are biodegradable fibrous pots. They are manufactured in NZ by blending peat, bark and cellulose fibres to which fungicide and fertilizer are added.

These pots break down after planting out. By planting the pot directly into the soil you are avoiding transplant shock to your plants. Ideal for early capsicum, courgette, cucumbers, pumpkins, etc. Also great for sensitive flowers such as poppies.

Size 5cm 12-cell strip 6x2.

$1.75Min:  10

Plant Label

Plant Label [9050]

Strong plastic labels to identify what you have sown and when. Discreet labels that are excellent in both punnets and the garden.

$0.15 NOTE: Purchase in multiples of 10