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Large Green Propagator Base [9328]

Large Green Propagator Base

Sorry, now OUT OF STOCK! The ship has been delayed due to strikes and conjestion at the overseas ports, and is now not due to dock until the 28th of October, product should be available shortly after that.

This base is the same size as the bottom half of the Vented Large Propagator. It can be used in conjunction with the Large Propagator Height Extender Set, to adapt your "Cloche" into a portable Vented Large Propagator (lids sold separately.) Or it can be used as a replacement tray for the Vented Large Propagator.

Dimenions (580mm x 240mm)


 Out of Stock 

Great safe and durable product that you will appreciate in no time at all. As with all of these quality propagation products, it is advisable to wash them in warm, soapy water and disinfect them at the end of each season, dismantle (if applicable) then store neatly to avoid warping in your shed or garage. When well-cared for these propagation items will continue to serve you from season to season.