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Gomphrena Ping Pong Mix [23690]

Gomphrena Ping Pong Mix

Gomphrena globosa

Gomphrena has great versatility, plant en masse as a border for a magnificent, lively display - an abundance of bouncy, bright ball-shaped blooms. Fantastic as a filler in larger containers and baskets. Great as a cut flower and can also be used as a dried flower for arrangements.



Ping Pong is easy to produce, drought tolerant and a low maintenance plant. Adds height and dimension wherever its planted and explodes with massive of vibrant colours: Lavender, Purple and White.

Annual or Perennial  Annual
Hardiness  Tender
Approx days to flower/harvest 85
Height 50cm
Space between plants  35cm
When to sow Spring, Summer
Seeds per packet Approx 40