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Vented Medium Propagator (380mm x 240mm x 160mm) [9311]

Vented Medium Propagator (380mm x 240mm x 160mm)

Sturdy, high-quality propagator made in the UK. Wash out and use time and again for a steady flow of seedlings at regular intervals.

The medium propagator dimensions have been changed and no longer fits the Early Grow Electric Propagator. None the less it is a great, sturdy propagator that can be used without heat. We recommend you wash and disinfect the containers at the end of each season, then store in your shed, garage or wherever is convenient out of direct sunlight.

Dimensions (380mm x 240mm x 175mm)




The medium propagator has channels that will facilitate overflow water, allowing moisture to stay in the container which will help to keep your punnets from drying out as quickly. Propagator easily fits 4 punnets at one time. Lid has adjustable vents for air circulation. Although the base does not have drainage holes punched through, it does have indented recesses for you to easily punch through yourself if you choose to use this propagator on your head-pad. Please note this size has changed in dimensions and no longer fits on the base of the 3 Bay Heated Propagator.

If you grow a large volume of plants, this unit will hold a cut down 198-cell Flight Tray [9036] allowing you to plant 77 plants at any one time - one flight tray would give you the ability to make two 77 plug trays, with 44 cells remaining!